October 17, 2013

Samples for machine embroidered 'cells' ...

Working on some curtain headings inspired some initial thoughts on machine embroidery in the context of my current 'cells' project. Having a few oddments to hand, they were ideal for some first samples & experiments especially as the fabrics are lightweight & ideal for distressing.

Here's the circles of fabric cut away from a test swatch when adding rings to my curtains. With the addition of the double layer of sew-in interfacing, these swatches are ideal for machine embroidery etc.

Here I've cut away some sections - holding up to the light, they are perfect starting points for my 'cells' I'm working on. I've also some ideas for further working - but can't get to do it til next week!

I've added some water colour to these samples & quite like the effect that's being achieved. More ideas stemming from this will also have to wait until next week.

October 15, 2013

Cell luminosity result ...

Sampling + thoughts of 'transparency' have inspired this & a few other computer enhanced images.